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At DSFPS, we are a passionate group of specialists working collectively to help our clients live the lives they want to live through the provision of tailor-made, lifestyle-based financial planning. We believe in fundamentally improving our client’s quality of life by offering real advice which has true value, by partnering with them to navigate their financial journey. Our ability to continually adapt and enhance our advice and service offering gives us the ability to stay ahead of the pack and provide our clients with a memorable experience through tailor-made lifestyle-based financial plans

DSFPS has developed over time from our first roots dating back to 1993, each of our specialist enhancing our expertise for more than 25 years in the financial industry into a diversified financial services business, where we continue to offer superior financial services in the advice, planning, insurance, investment and health areas. Our purpose and ambitions are achieved through a business model that offer an extensive, market leading range of products and services to help our clients build and protect long term wealth.

Looking to the future, our goal is to be one of the best organisations in the financial industry, one that is renowned for excellence, innovation and providing our clients with the most suitable financial instruments to enhance the financial quality of their lives.

At DSFPS we believe that not all insurance is created equal, therefore ask yourself the following:

  • Imagine you are financially secure and have enough money to secure your future… How would you live your life?
  • Now imagine after a routine consultation with a doctor, you receive the news that you only have 5 years to live… What will you do with the time that you have left?
  • Finally imagine that the doctor phones you, stating that there was a mistake, and that you only have 24 hours to live… What are the things you will regret not having done, and what are the things that you will regret not having put into place…?

  • Do not wait, get in touch with us today because tomorrow may never be...

    • Rudi Lindeque

      Professional Financial Planners NQF6 in Estate & Wealth Planning

    • Renske Lindeque

      Professional Financial Planners NQF6 in Estate & Wealth Planning